Fated: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel


Fated: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel

Written by R. L. Mathewson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Let me start off by saying that this one was a little different that the other novels. I can clearly see that this one was to set up the later books, but I loved the story nonetheless.

Fated is the first Shifter story in the Pyte/Sentinel Series. It is about Drew, the top Alpha male of Boston, and Kara, the bane of Drew’s existence…. Or so he thinks. I LOVED both of these characters. As usual, sarcastic (which I appreciate), hilarious, out to get even with the other one and I LOVE the banter between all the characters in this book. The author went a little different in this book but the first 89% of the book was just about the shifter world and Drew and Kara’s story before she brought in previous characters. I think that this was the perfect setup for the additional books in the series and honestly can not wait for the rest.

If you are looking for a fairly quick read (about 2 days for me to read), funny, some hot scenes (not many though) and just a well written novel, this is a sure pick. You can read standing alone, however I would read in the order just so that you will know who all the characters are and the background of the books. This was one of my least favorites, but I would still give this 4 stars because I can easily reread this book as well as the others!

Series order:

Tall, Dark and Lonely

Without Regret

Tall, Dark and Heartless

Tall, Silent and Lethal


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