“This book is truly beautiful. It was one of those love stories that makes you yearn for a connection that powerful.” -Amazon Reviewer

Finding Beautiful is now only #99cents and is the first full length contemporary romance in Amanda Kaitlyns Trinity Series


A love that couldn’t be ignored.
A man who is driven to protect her, no matter the cost.
The moment I saw her, I knew she would be mine.
I saw the shadows in her emerald eyes.
I felt her need for me the first time we touched.
And I fell.
I was drawn to him from the first moment our eyes met.
He was electric. He was undeniably attractive.
But the worst of all? He wanted me.
I knew I was in trouble.
But somehow, I trusted him.
Good things had never lasted for me. The man I had thought was the one for me became my worst nightmare and even after escaping from his presence the demons of my past followed me.
“Breathe, Aria. Christ, please just breathe for me”
Gavin came into my life like a hurricane, turning my world on it’s head. I didn’t want to fall for him, it was inevitable.
From the very first moment we met, he had claimed my heart. I knew he would do no matter what it took to protect it.
When the shadows I have fought so hard to escape from threaten to tear us apart, can the love we’ve found be enough to persevere? Or will our fight be lost?
“I’m going to give you the world, Beautiful. This is only the beginning”
* This book contains strong themes of domestic violence and aggression, please be mindful of this before reading. *

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With love, Amanda Kaitlyn


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