We are so excited to announce that Bella Love-Wins and Vanessa Vale are joining forces to bring you a book that is TWICE AS DELICIOUS! Releasing on December 7th, make sure you sign up for our release alert so you don’t miss out on the…uhhh…action. And the ‘Twice’ in the title? Yeah, that means two heroes because one is never enough!!

SIGN UP for a release alert → http://bit.ly/2hr3mvf
BLOGGERS can sign up here → https://goo.gl/forms/xCIcsrupb16j1MmH3

How can Harper be sweet when all she wants to do is give them a taste of her honey?

Release Date: December 7th
Authors: Bella Love-Wins & Vanessa Vale
Title: Twice as Delicious
Genre: MFM romance


Dropping my mouth to her shoulder, I kissed my way across it to her neck, then up to settle at the sweet spot behind her ear. “She taste like sugar?” I asked, my mouth watering for a turn on my knees.
Dane lifted his head, looked up at us with a glistening mouth. “Fuck, yes.”

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