3.5 Stars
Locked Down Heart (Combat Hearts Book 3)
By Tarina Deaton

Locked Down Heart is the story of Christopher Nolton and Denise Reynold’s . Chris and Denise are the best friends of Jase and Bree from book 1, Stiched Up Hearts). They hooked up and then Chris just “ghosted” on Denise. During this time things hit the fan for Denise and she has since become the legal guardian of her 1st cousins children, Kimber and Kaden.

Let me begin by saying that this book had a great premise behind it and I think that it started off very well. However, There were a few things that were just off for me on this book and why I rated it as I did.

I know I will probably get yelled out, but I didn’t really like Denise. I understand her issues, I do don’t get me wrong, but I felt like it was overplayed in the way that if anything happens with Chris it is immediately her shutting down and her just basically writing him off. It got a little old to me. I think that she did grow a little bit and stepped up to take care of the kids but overall, her character just wasn’t for me. (I am sorry )

Now Chris I did like. I think that he was patient and that he was truly apologetic for what happened. I think that he had to walk a little on eggshells with Denise because of how she reacted to things, but overall I think that the fit of Chris and Denise did work in the end.

Another thing that bothered me is the term “Ghosted”. I understand that it is slang, I get it, but to have multiple characters use the SAME term, “Ghosted” can’t a little old to me. Also, Kaden is supposed to have been a 9 year old boy, but at times I honestly had to go back and look to see that I had just misread it and that he was actually maybe 5 or 6. They way that the author had him speaking and acting made me think that he was MUCH younger than he is. This are just little things that bothered me but it was enough that I included them in my review.

Overall, this was a cute book. I will probably go back and read the other 2 just so that I can get the full story (I need to read a whole series LOL). I would try the author again

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