Okay, like I said MAN that was hot! This is a short novella (22 chapters) that I read in a couple of hours but wow it was packed with some great scenes.

Wow, let me just say that Judas Clement is my kinda alpha when it comes to the bedroom. I LOVED how he was so dominate but in a way it wasn’t overbearing. I really liked Jenna’s character as well. For being a novella I felt that I could identify with Jenna (who here hasn’t been in a sort of “convenience” type of relationship only to find that you want more). My heart went out to her especially the way that Jude’s family treated her. (Man I wanted this to last longer only to have something happen to the mother and sister and Mackelya lol)

For being a novella, I felt that the author did a great job in catching and keeping my interest as well as caring about the characters. I felt that they were well developed and the story flowed extremely well. It made me think a lot of 50 shades with the emailing back and forth but I really enjoyed it.

I will continue to read more of Ms. Williams books and her writing was excellent and the flow was on point. I highly enjoyed this book and recommend it if you are looking for a quick hot read.

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