OMG… I could NOT put this book down. I LOVED this book like LOVED it!

This is my first book my author Ruby Rowe and honestly it will NOT be the last one. This book had so many different elements in it. You have the Movie star and Body guard, you have a psycho stalker, you have jilted lovers, and oh don’t forget the mafia in there!

So, this was the story about America’s Sweetheart, Ava Lane. Ava is in a rut with her career, she is older and is starting to loose out the roles to younger and younger actresses. Not to mention her ex boyfriend cheated on her with a young actress. As if that isn’t enough going on in her life, she also has a crazy stalker sending her letter and packages. Oh, did I mention her head bodyguard is quitting AND she is the princess of the Leoni family. (yeah… CRAZY right? and I haven’t even gotten into the book yet lol)

Enter Griffin Scott. Griffin takes his jobs seriously. He doesn’t ever let anything distract him from protecting his principal. He is also the son of the previous mafia boss for the Golina family. As far as he was concerened, Ava Lane was just another principal and was thankfully lower key than his previous job. Although, now he is finding that he can’t stop thinking about Ava and all that he is wanting to do to her. Oh, did I not mention that he is a Dominant? Yes that is right on top of EVERYTHING else, this has a LARGE BDSM story in here and HOLY HOTNESS I LOVED IT.

I was so nervous at first because man there are a TON of elements going on but this story worked. It worked in an AMAZING way. I LOVED the way that Ms. Rowe took the well known story of Romeo and Juliet. She has Ava and Griffin as the star crossed lovers in this book but OH MAN I LOVED the twists and turns that she took me on. I really enjoyed the take that she had with this story line. It could have been so played out but this was so fresh and man it totally worked for me.

This book was just amazing, one of my top reads this year by far. Ms. Rowe was able to invoke so many emotions from me. I LOVED the banter between Ava and Griffin. I would LOVE to know if Daniel will get his own story because I just loved him.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. It was extremely well written, the pace of the book was excellent as I read it in an entire day (sorry family). The characters were all so well developed and honestly the author left me wanting more of these characters. 10 stars if I could give it! I really look forward to more books by Ms. Rowe. Consider me a fan!

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