A Perfect Fit by Zoe Lee is the story of Daisy Rhys and Dunk McCoy. Daisy is tired of her town looking at her as the wounded one from her divorce and just wants to be treated like a woman. Dunk is just happy to be going through life but is starting to feel like he wants something more.

Okay, So… I REALLY, REALLY wanted to love this book. But, it just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t care for the author’s writing style for the most part. My problem (and this is my preference) is that it flops between all kinds of point of views, the biggest is, I really don’t care for third person. I don’t like when I am reading from say Daisy’s point of view and then it says Daisy and Dunk are riding in the car. It throws me off and makes it seem choppy and confuses the reader. It causes for me to have to keep going back to make sure I didn’t miss something and I personally don’t care for that.

The story line was okay, I think it started off really strong but I felt that for how long this book was the author could have developed it a bit more. Hot Coach is looking for his Sex Cinderella(That is freaking hilarious). I would have enjoyed more of the hunt and chase. My other issue is that I felt that this book was REALLY drawn out. There is a lot of un-needed stuff going on that I don’t feel added much to the story.

Overall, it was cute but not for me. I promise it wasn’t horrible by any means, but I feel that this one had a lot of potential and it just didn’t follow through for me.

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