I have to say that I am originally from Central Florida so it was fun for me to go through this story and know all the places that the author was talking about. (Kind of reminiscent for me).

This was a second chance romance book about Sophie Kostas and Carter Lang. It has been 10 years since Sophie and Carter were together, and Carter wants answers. Sophie wants to make amends and is working up to tell Carter why she left so abruptly.

I enjoyed this story. I will be honest in that I wasn’t sure where the prologue came into play and when it was reveled… well, I didn’t think it was truly necessary to the story line. (Yes, without spoiling anything something happens from there BUT I think that it could have been placed in a different place or something and not start the story off). Regardless of that, I enjoyed both characters for the most part. I didn’t feel that her “secret” was needed to be drawn out the way that it was, and from the story point if the Greek family was as close as they are claiming they would be, I don’t think the family would have allowed 10 years to go by without forcing the issue. But those really are the only things that I had any type of issue with.

I felt that Carter and Sophie are good together.I felt that he truly loved her and wanted to protect her. Sophie I felt was just to young when things happened and didn’t know how to deal with everything so I can understand why she just up and ran.

This is my first book by the author and I will probably go back and read the first story as well. I enjoyed the characters and the secondary characters. I really enjoyed the banter that they had and I think I am going to steal the phone game (You have to read to know what it is) because that was HILARIOUS. Overall this was a cute read.

If you are looking for low angst, sweet and HEA this would be a good book to check out. 3.75 stars 🙂

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