5 star


This is my first book by either of these authors and I really really enjoyed it. I am not a huge fan of cliffhangers, but this blurb REALLY drew me in and honestly? Knowing that I would get the second half by the end of the month made it *somewhat* better (I am NOT the most patient person lol).

Deep is the first part of a Duet about Rafe and Diana. Rafe is working for Blake Securities and is trying to transition back into a civilian lifestyle but has so many secrets, stumbles upon Diana when she has a car accident. Diana, leaning on Rafe while she is trying to “put her life together” has her own secrets .

Diana wants revenge, however, as she gets to know Rafe, she becomes conflicted. I think that is what the author is going for with her half-hearted attempt on some things (No spoilers here). It makes you question just how well “studied” she is on things, but again… she isn’t by any means a professional. However, as far as her personality… I am hoping to warm up to her more in the next book. She isn’t by any means my favorite Heroine, but she isn’t the worst either. I think because she is meant to be angry, and that she is being deceptive that turned me off a bit.. again… I get that this is part of the story that she is working a part so… I am leaving my final decision on how I feel about her once I finish the second book 🙂

Now, I LOVE Rafe. LOVE HIM. He is just the right amount of broody, angsty alpha male I love. He is protective, he wants more out of life but just doesn’t know how to let go of his past. The love he has for his sister, and niece GAH I LOVED his character. I really, really hope that Diana is able to change my opinion on her in the next book because Rafe totally deserves nothing but the best!

Overall, this book flowed very, very well. I felt that the pacing was great, the secondary characters were fantastic (Am I the only one that was thinking that the college friend was the other agent and a little disappointed it wasn’t… No?) Again, I don’t like cliff hangers normally but I felt that the authors did a perfect job of leaving off for the next book. I am (im)patiently waiting for Deeper!

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