5 star



The Wright Secret is the story about Morgan Wright and Patrick Young. Morgan has been in love with Patrick since she was 15 years old. She is taking over the CEO position at Wright Construction and everything she has worked for is finally in reach for her, so she is going to check another thing off her list, Patrick Young. Patrick has always looked at Morgan as a great friend but all of a sudden, he is starting to look at her in a different light. Morgan decides to make a move on Patrick at his place one night, however Patrick declined and to Morgan that felt like he rejected her. She is working on moving past that and decides to move along and start dating to try to finally get over him. Here is where our story begins 🙂

I liked Morgan, she is a strong character, smart, beautiful, snarky, and a good person. She is in no way without her faults as well. She is young to be a CEO but she has busted her butt to achieve the goal. I liked her banter and relationship with her family and overall I think she was a great heroine.

Patrick, he is YUMMY. I think that he was hit by a ton of bricks when he realized that he had feelings for Morgan. I Loved watching him come to grips with that fact and seeing how he would handle it. I think that he had everyones best interest in mind and I loved the fact that he was so sure of his feelings (once he admitted them lol).

One of the things that I really liked about this book is that there wasn’t a TON of angst with the 2 characters. Some of these brother’s best friend books, they base their angst on the whole “hiding” of the relationship and it is over played. Ms. Linde did an excellent job with the fact that she didn’t draw it out and didn’t make it like either character just had to keep it ALL a secret. I really liked that. I felt that showed the maturity of the characters.

Also, I loved the extra story plot in here with the Uncle. LOVED IT… but… I REALLY wanted there to be a bigger fall out (I am vindictive at times lol) with Owen and Bailey LOL but alas, I am just the reader not the writer.

The pacing was great, the story flowed very well. The scenes between Morgan and Patrick were good (I would have liked a little more dirty but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me). Character depth was great, the characters felt like they were actual adults and I felt that they dealt with things in a mature manner. I highly recommend and I plan to go back and read the rest of the siblings stories. 🙂 I am looking forward to maybe seeing Sutton and David??

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