4 stars

Bayside Passions was the story of Emery Andrews and Dean Andrews. Bayside Passions is the second novel in the Bayside Summers Series.

I am going to go over the characters first. Emery Andrews just moved to Bayside to live closer to her best friend Desiree and her newest best friend Dean. She is a yoga back care specialist and is just looking to start over. She seems like a free spirit and very down to earth but can be flakey at times. I liked her okay, I got a little annoyed with Emery in the beginning of the book when her relationship with Dean is coming into focus. I felt that the author drew out the feelings way to long and for Emery to have a conversation with EVERYONE about how it won’t work and how she is just going to mess things up, it was a little to much for me personally.

Dean, he was cute and fun. I loved how he was sure of his feelings of Emery and that he was doing what he could to slowly show her what was right in front of her. I LOVED the experiment outings. I think that was adoarble. I like his character and didn’t have a big issue with him at all. I liked his relationship with his friends and the banter that he has with everyone is great. I melted a bit when he had all of her favorite things in his house… so sweet!!!

The secondary characters were great and I really want to know what is going on with Violet LOL. Overall I enjoyed the book. I thought it was a cute read and there was very little angst to it. It was mostly just Emery waring with her feelings and being sure of what she felt for the most part. There was a nice little twist in there with one of the characters and I thought that was nice. I actually didn’t figure that out (not going to spoil).

I felt that the pacing for the most part was good. The beginning dragged just a little bit for me but that was due to all the indecision that Emery showed. Once the story started going though, it picked up and paced well through the rest of the book. The flow was good, and the character development was good as well. Overall, I think that was a cute read.

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