5 star


Wow… WOW…okay… excuse me while I go shower so that I can cool off.

Man.. that was a HOT read. I haven’t read anything by Alex Grayson before but I can honestly say that she has quickly moved to me TBR list when I am in the mood for sexy reads.

Okay.. now… I need to get my thoughts in order now that I have calmed down a bit LOL.

Watching Mine by author Alex Grayson is the story of Nathan and Emberleigh. Nathan has been watching Emberleigh ( or also known as 9B) for over 2 years now. He looks forward to every Tuesday as that is the day that she comes home and puts on a show for him (unbeknownst to her). He never had plans to meet her in person, until he bumps into her on the sidewalk and then again at one of the clubs that he attends with his friends.

Okay… Starting off I freaking LOVED just about all the characters in this book. Emberleigh and Nathan are BEYOND perfect for each other and HAWT. (I know that I am saying that a lot but for real… there really is not a lot of other words out there to put in this LOL)…

Emberleigh was a fantastic character. I felt that the author portrayed her very well with what has gone on in her life. She is coping the best way that she knows how and I really felt for her. My heart broke and I hoped that she was going to get her happily every after like she deserved.

Nathan… Oh Sweet, Kinky, Sexy Nathan… I really loved his character. He made NO apologies for who he was and why he was the way that he was. He knew what he wanted and was confident in himself to not accept any less. I know that there were times that he felt guilty about not coming straight out and telling her that he had been watching her for over 2 years.. but I mean.. How do you tell someone you start seeing that you have essentially been her stalker for 2 years? LOL I think that the author did a great little twist with this one and I think that it worked out well. I almost preferred for this book to have been a little bit longer, only because I really liked both of the characters.

I plan to go back and read the ones that I have missed in this little series and look forward to much more from the author. I loved all the interaction and it grabbed my attention enough to make sure that I one click the others as well.

The pacing and story flow was excellent as well as the character development. The steamy factor on this one is THROUGH the roof. Honestly just pick up a copy!!! This was a must read for me!

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