4 stars


Almost Paradise is the fourth book in this series and I have to say that I did enjoy it more than the Almost Everything (but I still really liked both).

This was the story of Gage and Skye. First off I LOVE the name Gage for some reason it is just one of those “hot” guy names LOL. Anyway, Gage grew up with Skye and he and Skye developed a pen pal relationship while he was off globe trotting as a photographer. He can’t wait to come home for his twin brother’s wedding and to spend some time with Skye.

I really enjoyed this one. I really like both Gage and Skye. They were both broken people who have their own demons but neither really had someone that they felt they could confide in… until they confide in each other. I think that they made a great couple.

I LOVE that Ms. Ridgway has a secondary love story in the books. This was about Teague and Polly. I really liked Teague although I wanted to throat punch him a couple times there and my heart just broke for Polly. I really liked their friends to lovers story.

Overall this was a good read. The pacing was good, The flow was very good. It was very predictable. I knew who the “bad” guys were pretty much from the first time the person was mentioned. And I pretty much guessed what was wrong with Skye, while normally that would bother me, I wasn’t to bothered this go around as by reading Almost Everything, I got a sense of the author’s writing and so it wasn’t shocking to me.

The Characters were good, very likable. Good Read if you are looking for a sweet romance with not a TON of angst. Plus we also get our HEA as well. 4 stars

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