3 stars

Wow.. okay this book had me scratching my head and wondering what was going on. It jumped around so much. It was back and forth and I found myself having to reread things because I was not sure what was going on.

Attack Zone is the first book in the Murder on Ice Mysteries by author Jennifer Rebecca. This book is about Sophie and Kane. Sophie is an aspiring Olympic hopeful and she is also the daughter of a prominent politician. This is her last year to be able to go for the Gold Medal and she is determined to make it happen. Kane or Detective Kane is a retired hockey player and now assigned to watch over her.

This book has promise, There is good banter and the secondary characters were pretty funny. Just it doesn’t seem like it flowed well at all. It starts with the prologue and Sophie and Kane stumbling upon a murder of Sophie’s friend. Then jumps 48 hours prior and then jumps back to present? It was to much jumping.

On Top of that, Kane seemed to be in a relationship with one girl and yet continued to hit on Sophie and calling her Tinkerbell and trying to kiss her (not really that cool in my book honestly). Then there was like NO clear closure on the other chick until she comes out of the blue and is screaming at Sophie? I just don’t know what to make of it honestly.

There were just so many elements in this story, and I think that it just didn’t pan out the way the author had intended it to (again these are my opinions). I am sure others loved this one, however it wasn’t a big hit for me


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