5 star


I am still trying to process what I just read. It was AMAZING… I will continue my reviews once I get my thoughts under control.

Wow.. Okay, I am still just amazed at how good this book was. You have the epitome of a rockstar in Alex Winslow. He is a jerk, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself (well and his fans). He is fresh out of rehab and is having to play nice to help redeem his character (not that he really cares) and so his agent and pr rep hires him a Nanny (or “Hanny” aka hot nanny) as Alex calls her. He makes her life HELL.. I mean true HELL.

Indie needs this job. She is trying to help her brother and his family and herself and this was a LOT of money for her to just basically babysit the rockstar. To bad he started to get to her….

Oh MAN I LOVED this book… it was SOO good, the angst in here is just unbelievable. To have such a jerk as Alex, and to take him from a really hated person to just rooting for him in the end? That just attests to the talent that Ms. Shen shows us in Midnight Blue. You root for both Alex and Indie to find their happily ever after.

And oh… how he grovels to get her back… just so good.

The characters in this book are amazing, the depth of the characters is fabulous. The flow and pacing is on point and honestly you JUST NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!

10 Stars!!!

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