4 stars

*** Melting *** Aiden… oh sweet Aiden… I LOVED him. He was crass, he didn’t give a crap, but deep down all he wanted was the girl of his dreams.

Sidelined by Marquita Valentine was a sweet, cute read with low angst. Like I said I freaking LOVE Aiden. He was a fabulous character (and HOT). Layton… I liked her as well. although she needed to kick Joe to the curb. What a jerk!

Layton and Aiden have known each other for many years (since she was 11 and he was 19). Layton looked up to Aiden and trusted him to help her out. Aiden, (who has been in love with Layton for a while) would do anything for her, even let her marry another man so that she can have her happily ever after (<– see melt). I mean that is love right there right?

This was a great story of trying to overcome heart ache while learning to take a chance again on love. Especially a love that is your forever. This book has a great cast of characters and I am looking forward to checking out Kingston’s story.

The pacing was excellent and flow great. I really enjoyed reading this book. I would highly recommend this one. This is a great read to check out for the afternoon 🙂

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