I Really liked this one! Deep Control is the second book in the Dark Dominance Series by author Annabel Joseph (can me read as a standalone which I can attest to as this was my first read by her).

Ok, first off, this book was HOT. I really liked the characters that Ms. Joseph brought to life. First up is Devin. The book opens with him looking to have a little fun before he leaves to head back to the US. Devin is a pilot (and a gorgeous one to boot) and is known for his dark desires. While in one of the many dungeons that he is a member of all over the world he stumbles upon a scene with a sub that is just beautiful and just calls to him. He participates just a little bit (not much as it wasn’t his scene to control) and then heads out back to his hotel. Imagine his surprise that the little scientist that he was tasked to help get back to NYC is none other than the sub that he watched last night. Ella is a very very smart girl, but is socially awkward. She loves pain and that is her way of release and keeping her mind from running a million times a minute.

The book is DARK. But oh man it was hot. Devin took what he wanted and Ella loved every minute of it. You have two characters who are so afraid to love and yet the way that are drawn to one another makes this a wonderful love story. My heart broke for the pain they go through. It is not often that I am rooting for the hero to get his happily every after but man Ella was making me mad and I kept screaming at my kindle for her to wake up! LOL

Overall, I really liked this book. The scenes were amazing and really draw you in and make it feel like you are right there. The characters were very well developed and I plan to go back and read the first book in this series. I am looking forward to Milo’s story as well… I can’t wait to see what happens with the girl meant for him brings him to his knees.

Pacing was wonderful and the flow was great. I read this book in one setting, I could not put it down. Highly recommend this!

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