Signed by Marni Mann is about Entertainment Agent Brett Young and Actress James Ryne.

OH MY GOODNESS.. SO GOOD!!! I loved this book so much and I am hoping for more (*fingers crossed*). This was my first book by Marni Mann and it will NOT be my last one.

Signed is about Entertainment Agent, Brett Young and America’s Sweetheart, James Ryne. James is on the rebound after a public breakup with her costar and live in boyfriend. She heads out to a club with her best friend and locks eyes on a gorgeous man across the bar from her. Brett knows who James is and he hesitates a bit as she is MUCH younger than him (18)… but there is no denying the connection that they have and she is gorgeous. They head back to Brett’s place and holy smokes, I think my kindle melted.

I really liked this book. While James was a young character and I am normally not a fan of them, she was wise beyond her years due to her upbringing in the spotlight. I think that through everything that happens to her, she almost always acted with maturity and while she was naive she was not annoying character in the least. Brett, I liked him even though I wanted to throat punch him for being a jackass when things hit the fan for James. However, he apologized and I think that everything that they went through made a strong relationship for them.

I figured out who was the culprit to everything, but honestly, it didn’t deter anything for me in this story. I loved all the characters and I really hope to get more from the Agency. <– again *fingers crossed here*

Overall, the character development was excellent, the flow was fantastic and I loved the pacing. I love the dual pov of the book and the extra romance hookups as well. I can’t wait to read more from this world!!!

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