OMG, this was HILARIOUS. I think the premise of this agency is hysterical and this book did not disappoint.

Thunder (Big D Escort Service) by Willow Summers is the first book in this series and what a way to open up!

Maddie needed a date to her ex boyfriends wedding. She had planned to take her boyfriend, however he broke up with her 3 weeks before the wedding. She makes the BEST scene to get him to leave and honestly, I thought it was brilliant. So, desperate she calls up the Big D Escort Service to get a good looking guy so that she could show up at this wedding and show everyone she is no longer the nerdy girl that she was back in high school. What could possibly go wrong?

Colton is DONE with being an escort. He is known as Thunder, and honestly it is just getting old. He let’s his boss know that he is quitting however an intriguing client request comes in and he decides that he is going to do one more job. What could happen?

Oh Lord, I laughed SO hard at this book. The banter was so good, and I swear that Maddie is my soulmate. This was a great take on the whole “pretty woman” story and like I said before it in NO WAY disappointing.

This is my first book by Willow Summers and this will NOT be my last. I thought the writing was great, the scenes were HOT and great. Pacing and Flow were excellent and the cast of characters were a riot. I can’t wait to check out more from this series

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