Lost Love is the first book in the Cowboys and Angels Series by author Kelly Elliott. This is the story of Steed Parker and Paxton Monroe. First off I LOVE their names! Steed and Paxton… Perfect.

Steed and Paxton were high school sweethearts. Steed leaves Paxton when she needed him the most and it has now been 10 years since he left her. After a failed marriage and an adorable little girl, Steed is heading back home.

Paxton stayed in their town to try and mend her broken heart. She loves her job as a kindergarten teacher and seems to be moving on. Then she sees Steed and his daughter and all these feelings that she had buried come back full force.

I will be honest, I struggled with this book a lot. The reason being is what happened with Steed and Paxton. I understand that they were young but ugh… it was rough to get over. I won’t go into detail as I don’t like to post spoilers.

I like Kelly Elliott, but this just was not one of my favorite books by her. I think it was because I had a big issue with Steed and I don’t think he even changed much in my mind (I sometimes hold a grudge) But, I loved the setting, and the writing of the story.

Kelly Elliott is a very talented writing and can draw you into her stories, which is why I think I felt like what Steed did to Paxton he did to me too as the reader. That is testament to the type of writer that Ms. Elliott is. I didn’t hate this book, it just wasn’t a favorite for me, but I will continue on with the series.

Character development is good, story flow and pacing is very good. The book is well written. 3.5 star

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