Tempting Love is the third book in the Cowboys and Angels by author Kelly Elliott and MAN it was so much better then the first 2 books. I was really worried because I was about to give up on this series after Love Profound.

Tempting love is about Mitchell and Carina. Mitchell is a love em and leave em type and isn’t one to commit. He knows that Carina is the type to keep, but he can’t help but hook up with her. Carina, who really wants Mitchell, is ready to give up on him.

I liked both characters in this one. Mitchell more so than Carina. I am personally not the type to play games, but I have to say Mitchell deserved some of the crap Carina gave him. He needed to prove that he was in it for the long haul… and I felt that he proved it.

The pacing was good, the characters were really good, and the story was engaging to me. It kept me hooked and is keeping me interested enough to read another one from this series. Hoping that the next book is more along the lines of this versus book 2. 4 stars!

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