Wicked Charm by Amber Hart is my first book by this author.

This was a young adult romance, and it was pretty good. I won’t go into all the details on the blurb, but it really drew me in. I think I expected a bit more mystery to this one than I got, but overall it was a good story.

Willow and Beau are the main characters in this book, and they were ok. I know that I didn’t LOVE either of these characters. I didn’t feel that there was a ton of depth to them personally for me to relate more to them. The secondary characters were good as well. There wasn’t really a “stand out” character for me to be honest.

Now, I think that the author did a fabulous job in describing the setting where the book took place. She was able to draw me in on that alone, and had it feel like I was in the swamp with these characters.

Overall, this was an ok read. The pacing and flow is very good, the book was a fast easy read. I just felt that there could have been more to the mystery aspect but that is a personal opinion. 3 stars.

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