Dangerous Witness is the third book in the Redemption Harbor by author Katie Reus. This is a second chance romance for Brooks and Darcy.

Brooks ended their relationship over a misunderstanding. I have to say that I have to respect Darcy and the way that she handled things. I enjoy characters that can stand up for themselves and don’t just become a pushover for their other half. With what Brooks did, the reasoning behind his reacting first was understandable and I think that the author did a good job in showing that he was heartbroken and that he really cares for Darcy.

This book was a slow burn, but when you have a second chance romance going on, I think that there needs to be a balance to show that the characters are working to make their relationship stronger and fix what was broken and not just jump into bed right off the back so I really appreciated that in this book.

This was my first book by Ms. Reus, and I have to say that I will check out others (and the previous in this series) as I really enjoyed her writing style and the book. The book is well written and I felt that the characters had a great depth to them. The dialogue was good, as well as the pacing and flow. I will definitely check out more from this author.

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