Oh Man, I LOVED this book for so many reasons. This book just gutted me but then it put me all back together.

Away From Me but Sophie Oak (Lexi Blake) is a novella about Dom, Callum Reed and submissive, Gabrielle Sullivan.

Gaby has been in love with Callum for the 3 years they have been in their 24/7 d/s relationship. She has finally reached her breaking point and she asks him if he is in love with her. She knows that he has sworn that he would never love her and that there wouldn’t be anything more than this relationship between him. She figures that he can’t love anyone because he had such great love for his wife who died. Callum, upset that Gaby ruined a great moment between them tells her that isn’t what their relationship was about and reminds her that he won’t ever get married or love again. This leads to Gaby leaving him and they have been apart for 10 months before they encounter one another again.

Okay, let me just say, I wasn’t sure where this one was going, but this book just pulled me in, in a way that I HAD to know what happened. GAH the reasons as to WHY Gaby changed so much from when Callum last saw her and the way that he struck out at her just made my heart break for her. But man, they determination that Callum had to get her back made this such a beautiful story.

I LOVED how neither character went on a sex streak, they were both celibate while they were apart and honestly I really appreciated this from the author. I felt that this helped to make both characters being mature and handling things without having to whore around to try to “get over” their past hurt.

I don’t want to go into to much detail as this is just a novella and honestly this is a great read. It is very heartbreaking but at the same time just such a real emotional and heartwarming story. I really look forward to seeing more from Cal and Gaby

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