Reviewed by Crys Unger

Bad Boy Rocker, fresh out of rehab trying to better himself Dylan Anders and straight laced good girl PR hipster Paige Walters are the main characters in One More Promise by author Samantha Chase. This is the second book in the Band on the Run Series (Can be read as a standalone as I can attest to as I haven’t read the first one but is now next on my list).

Okay, can I say that I freaking LOVED Dylan? Loved him. I think that he was an amazing character. You were able to see his struggles and his ultimate wish was to be liked for WHO he was, and to see that he was changing and that he was learning from his previous mistakes.

Paige, I liked her but I got so frustrated at her from time to time. I just wanted her to tell her sister and her dad where to shove it. But, alas, I am not the author SOO, I had to get past that LOL. I liked that she was not your typical “beautiful” heroine and that she was in no way perfect. I loved that she had insecurities but at the same time when she was in her element how sure of herself that she was.

This is my first book by author Samantha Chase, and I will say that I enjoyed her writing a lot. I think that she was able to build a lot of depth with both of these characters and MAN did I HATE her sister and her dad. I really wished that they got more than what they got but that’s cause I might be a tad bit vindictive… But the fact that she was able to pull such emotion from me I think can attest to the talented writer that she was. I think that the flow of the book was excellent, I did NOT want to put this book down at all. I read it beginning to finish and honestly I will probably reread it again. The ONLY thing that I would say is that I wanted there to be a bit more descriptive scenes with the characters, but that is because I think that they had great chemistry, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from reading any more books. Also? I think the ONLY bad word in this entire book was Ass and the times that it was said was hilarious and so adorable and made me love Dylan that much more.

I loved the playful banter between the characters and that their relationship grew from friendship and that they would actually TALK to each other. This was a very refreshing book for me and I really look forward to a LOT more from this author. 5 star read~!

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