Reviewed by Crys Unger



I freaking LOVED this book. The little “douchebag titles” were HILARIOUS!

The Coaching Hours by author Sara Ney, is my first read from her and trust me when I say that I WILL be going back to read the previous 3 and am looking forward to reading more! This was HILARIOUS.

I LOVED the characters in this book (except for a couple but I won’t go into detail as you just need to read this for yourself). Annabelle is the coaches daughter who just transferred to to the college that her dad coaches the wrestling team. Elliot is just trying to get through his senior year and get into grad school. Annabelle is hurt and embarrassed when she overhears about the bet to get her into bed. Elliot stumbles upon her and they strike up a friendship.

This was SO sweet! I LOVED Elliott and Annabelle. I felt that they really handled everything that came their way in a mature manner which was refreshing to me. This was a slow build but on this book I didn’t really care, I felt that it was sweet, and well paced. I really liked the characters that came up and I plan to check out their books.

I really enjoyed this author’s writing style. She did a great job with the character development. If you are looking for a sweet, slow burn romance this is really one to check out! 5 stars!

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