Reviewed by Crys Unger

… Sigh… okay, let me start by saying, Kristen Ashley is one of my all time favorite authors. I one click and preorder EVERY single book and I own EVERY single book she has written. With that said… I feel like she is more focused on churning her books out now (besides with the Hook Up because YAY that was back to her old writing) and not focused on the stories anymore.

Rough Ride is Rosalie and Snapper’s story. Rosalie was introduced in Tabby and Shy’s book. Honestly? I didn’t care enough about her to actually have her have her own story, but I thought you know what? Kristen Ashley has been able to give me characters I really didn’t care to have their own happy ending and I have enjoyed them, (Sebring ring a bell?). However, this was just ok. I didn’t really feel the connection for some reason with these 2 characters. I think my problem is that I don’t like Rosalie. I can’t tell you why, I just didn’t.

I had high hopes for this one, I really did… but… it just didn’t cut it for me. I haven’t really been into the chaos series to be honest. I loved Shy and Tab and Hap and Lanie but after those, I haven’t been a die hard Chaos fan, and sadly, Rough Ride didn’t change my opinion much at all.

Overall, this was ok. Kristen Ashley is a talented writer, she is able to develop characters and stories like no other, however, Rough Ride just fell kind of flat for me. This was very short for her, as she can be a bit long winded (not in a bad way) and I was able to get through it, however, unlike her other books I have and reread ALL the time (I have lost count the number of times I have read her stuff), this is probably one of those that I will not read again.

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