Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Traded: Brody and Kara
Cliffside Bay Series Book 1
Tess Thompson
 4.5 Stars
Tess Thompson is a new author to me. I really loved Ms. Thompson’s style of writing, it was clean and flowed naturally, Its told from dual point of view.  After reading the blurb I was instantly excited to read this book. Sports romances are a favorite of mine. If you’re looking for a sports romance this isn’t necessarily book for you, it was very little to do with football other than that is Brody’s profession. This is a romance, it’s sugary sweet without the toothache.
The first chapter of this book I knew it would be layered with many elements…
Brody is a seasoned quarterback with only a few possible years left until retirement. He is on the on top of his game, Super Bowl winner and all around good guy. After his season was over he returns to Cliffside Bay to find his mother with a broken leg and his second mom with a brain tumor.  After realizing this is a job he isn’t quite prepared or qualified for he looks to hire a in house nurse. And…. Enter Kara
Kara a nurse practitioner with a closet full of secrets. After being placed in the witness protection program (you’ll need to read to find out why, I hate spoilers in reviews) and move to the little town of Cliffside Bay. She finds her self with a full time job taking care of Brody’s loved ones. Will Kara find her happily ever after or will her past always come back to her? Will the spotlight that Brody finds his self in to often be to much for Kara to over come?
This is a book once you start its hard to stop. Tess Thompson wrote a page turner, a easy read that’s hard to put down. This is probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve read, It wasn’t filled with profanity or sex. Its a true love story.

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