Forbidden Lyrics is the third Book in the Lightning Strikes series by author Jodie Larson and my first read by her as well.

I am always nervous when it comes to rockstar/music romance because I either love it or hate it and there really is no middle ground for me. However, this one I would file under cute and low angst. As I stated this is the first book I have read by her, and the third in the series so it CAN be read as a standalone, however I think that I would have connected more with what was going on had I read the previous books in this series to understand the secondary characters more. With that said, this was a good book. Ms. Larson is an excellent writer and I had no trouble with the pacing or flow of the book.

I would say this was a cute second chance romance and very low angst. There wasn’t a major issue going on here, I think that I had expected it to be a little bit more angsty… but that is okay.

I didn’t fall in love with these characters for the most part. They were ok.. but I plan to go back and read the first 2 so that I can get a better feel of this story and I reserve the right to change my review on Forbidden Lyrics once I have the whole world understanding :). So for now, I will say this was a good book, not something that I would run out and say hey you have to read this, but it has intrigued me enough that I will be going back and reading the first 2 and then this one again 🙂

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