Reviewed by Jamie McBride


His Human Possession
Zandian Masters #8
Renee Rose
4 Stars
Total newbie here. New to Renee Rose. New to Alien Smut. Who knew a purple-horned alien could be attractive?!  I feel like I was a little confused at times not reading the prior books in the series. Although this book can be read as a standalone, I feel like I would have understood more of the terminology if I had read the previous books.
oh… did I mention there is bits of BDSM. Okay, maybe not all that but a few good ass spankings. Intrigued?
WARNING: I know nothing about Alien Romance err..Galactic Erotica.. ?
Leti is a “Pet” in Jujo. A sex slave up until Paal rescues her. Leti needs a master but is Paal ready to take on that role? Paal’s doesn’t trust women a trait his mother instilled in him and especially doesn’t like the way Leti uses her sexuality on him. Or does he? Leti craves dominance and Paal has the swift hand to provide it.
I honestly didn’t think I would like this book, I did. It was well written and keep me easily interested. His Human Possession is told from a third person point of view which I find hard to connect with usually and it was complete opposite for me in this book, I found it easy to get into and stick with. Fun read. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something a little different.

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