Reviewed by Crys Unger

Cake was my first book by author Carmen Jenner and it was hilarious. She took enemies to lovers to an entirely new level.

I freaking LOVED Poppy. She was hilarious and totally my kindof girl. Ms. Jenner had me rooting for Poppy’s happily ever after from the first chapter. And I will be honest, I REALLY wanted there to be a bigger falling out with Chase and Claire, they both totally deserved worse (but then, I might just be that vengeful)… Anyway… back to Poppy, man, what a confident woman and she totally owned who she was, and I LOVED how quick witted she was. She totally handled her own with Leo.

Leo, I actually really came to love his character. I think he was just this big loveable teddy bear and didn’t know what to do with himself when he found himself in love. I will say, that there was a part in this book that I had a bit of an issue with, but it was TOTALLY a gray area there and honestly, they weren’t together and NO feelings were discussed so… I was totally able to get over that, plus once he figured out that he had feelings for “Poptart” he didn’t stray so, I was able to move to love his character 🙂

This book was Hilarious. The banter and the antics with these two characters were a riot and man there was a total wrench thrown in their happily ever after I totally did NOT see coming, and for that I cursed the author, but I had to give her props, because she had me so into this book I had forgotten the little detail (you will need to just read this book to find out what I am talking about). Then everything was wrapped up in a happily ever after… and gives me a new appreciation for cake 🙂

Looking forward to more from author Carmen Jenner!



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