Reviewed By Jamie McBride

Waterfall Effect
K.K. Allen
This is my first book by K.K. Allen and it has me completely speechless. It was stunningly beautiful. The writing was captivating. I wanted to devour this book, but I didn’t I read it slow so I could absorb every detail. It was suspenseful and kept me on my toes. It has that slow burn quality to it that brings you along for the ride, a ride I really didn’t want to get off of.
“I was ready to take that final step and confront Balsam Grove. To ignore the demons dormant within me and stand on the soil of my past.”
Aurora James is back after six years to find her self in the town she found so much love and devastation in. The people in town aren’t happy to see her return. Her presence has put them on edge and memories of the past flooding forward. Aurora stands her ground and asserts herself into the one place she has always felt at home, or so she thinks. Circumstances pulled her away from her safe place and the one boy she gave her heart to, Jaxon. He’s loved her all these years and hoped she’d come home. When she does with the love that they once shared be the all consuming passion that it was? or will the years be unkind to them and tear them apart?
This is a must read. Its so descriptive you can almost smell the coffee and paint, hear the brush strokes on the canvas,  feel the cool mist of the waterfall on your face. This is a masterpiece and a book that will be talked about. It was breathtaking!

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