Reviewed by Crys Unger

I am LOVING this series!

Start me up is the fourth book in the Man Of The Month series by author J.Kenner, and this one by far is my favorite one. I freaking LOVE Nolan.

Nolan is happy with just living his life as a radio personality and hooking up when he wanted. Single life was good, until he meets Shelby. One night with her and he can’t stop thinking about her. Shelby is a good girl. She does everything by the book, but on a crazy whim decides to go after what she wants and that was Nolan.

These books are hilarious and I love being able to see the way that all the stories weave together. The banter is always fun (this one by far was the best, I think Nolan was a riot). I love the character relationships that Ms. Jenner has developed. These all flow so well together and the pacing is great. They are all short easy reads and honestly I can’t wait for each one to come out as they just get better and better. I am really crushing hard on Nolan right now.

Each Epilogue gives us a preview of what is going to happen in the next book and this one was a doozy. I can’t wait to check out Tyree’s book! Keep them coming!

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