Review by Crys Unger


First off… I freaking LOVE R.C.Boldt. I feel in love with Clam Jam and Blue Balls and reading Tap That I was pretty sure this book would be amazing, and I was not wrong.

Tap That was written by R.C. Boldt and Jennifer Blackwood. I have to say that they write very well together. Sometimes, when you have a book by different authors, you can get a disjointed story, but the flow on this went very well. These authors compliment each other very, very well.

Now, this was HILARIOUS. If you are looking for a laugh out loud, well written romance this would be a great book to pick up. This was about Bartender (who wants to own his own bar) Reid and Callie (the manager in training who took Reid’s “spot”). Enemies to lovers romance, but with a lot of great banter. I love the development of this story, it wasn’t like they immediately hooked up and you get more of a story out of this book.

I experienced the full range of emotions on this one. I wanted to kick Reid so many times because he was so focused on himself and he never explains why he is doing what he is doing, but then again… isn’t that how most men work? Reid was a great character, he knew what he wanted in life, and he fought his attraction to Callie for a while. As the story moves along, you are able to see other sides of him, and I just LOVED his relationship with his grandmother.

I liked Callie, I think that she was just in a desperate to be able to get this job and a little bit of a fib wasn’t so bad right? I mean who hasn’t fibbed a bit on their resume? She handled herself in a great manner, I think that she just wanted to be able to live her own life, and with the parents that she has, I couldn’t blame her. She was a well developed character as well, and I loved her inner monologue. She cracks me up.

Overall, this book was amazing. I say that this was a romcom done right and I can totally see this as a movie. It was great! 10 stars if I could!

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