Review by Crys Unger

**sigh** I have such a huge girl crush on Aurora Rose Reynolds… and I want to be a Mayson like FOR REAL!

Until Harmony was SO good, and I don’t know how I forgot just how much I love ARR but I totally do! Her writing is just fabulous and damn can she write a hot alpha male. Harmony (Niko and Sophie’s) daughter has moved back to her hometown and is working at the area hospital as an RN. She has her plans and dreams. A man isn’t in her plan, as if she can’t find one that loves her like her dad loves her mom she has no interest in one. She knows that she has the hots for Harlen, but she isn’t the adventurous one and so she turns him down to hang out. Harlen knows what he wants, and he wants Harmony. He just has to bid his time to get in there. I Freaking LOVED Harlen. He was such an awesome character! And being able to see Niko again *melt*

I love the stories that Ms. Reynolds is able to create. She is so talented in giving you a great romance story. She creates characters that have such a great depth to them and I love to watch them grow and work on building a life together. The world that she has created is great and she is always able to throw in a dash of action in there, because if there is a Mayson around, there is trouble (am I right). I loved this one, this was very, very mellow as far as major drama goes, but it was such a nice, sweet, love story. Loved it and I can’t wait for the next one!!!

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