4 stars

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Grim Sinners MC #1
LeAnn Ashers
4 Stars!
I’m a newbie to LeAnn Ashers, but not to MC books. Bikers are hot! What’s not to love? They’re possessive, tattooed, and hot AF in a leather cut! Ms. Ashers gave me all those things in Lane. This book is written in dual point of view and a rather quick read, about 200 pages of alpha hotness.
Weak heroine? I don’t think so. You wont find one in this book. Amelia was badass. She is smart as whip, and can hold her own against most men. Amelia doesn’t need a man, but the minute she saw Lane she knew she wanted him. Lane the president of Grim Sinners MC is rough and tough, but when he is around his 7 year old daughter all that goes out the window. He’d do anything to keep his girls safe..
I found this MC book to be a bit different. The men weren’t chasing “muffler bunnies” around and drinking all the time.This book had story and substance, not just drugs and sex. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read the next book in Grim Sinners.

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