5 star

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Night Shifts Black
NSB Series Book 1
Alyson Santos
Alyson Santos is a new author to me, and she has a new fan in me. Night Shifts Black was an amazing book from the beginning. Worthy of alot more than 5 stars. Ms. Santos writing was captivating. Her lyrics were simply beautiful.
*This has been the hardest review Ive ever written. I don’t want to give anything away and I want give this book the proper review it deserves*
I loved that the first 50% of this book I knew exactly the way it was headed then, BAM! Biggest and best plot twist ever. I’m not going to give you the blurb and all that, but I can say is the characters were extremely well developed it makes you wonder if they’re real. As beautiful as each one was they were just as flawed.
Callie was a force. I loved that about her, she never backed down to Luke. Callie loved Luke and all his idiocracies, her love for Luke was so pure you felt it in your core. This isn’t a love story. Its a book about a true bond between three people. The way Callie loved Casey wasn’t the same as Luke. Luke wasn’t ready to love yet, his heart not yet healed but through the love and friendship of Casey and Callie you see him slowly become the man be is suppose to be…
Im absolutely sure this the most confusing review ever, but I have no doubt once you read this book your sentiments will be the same. This is definitely one of my top reads for this year.

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