5 star

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Tracing Holland
NSB Book #2
Alyson Santos
This is  the second book in Night Shits Black series and should be read in order, after reading Night Shifts Black I couldn’t wait to read Tracing Holland and get more of Luke. Alyson’s writing is truly captivating and so poetic. She provides all the feels. Alyson’s writing is sharp, her storyline is intensely beautiful. You’ll be enthralled from the beginning to end.
“you’re and enigma, Luke. You’re a dark, beautiful painting locked high on the wall behind a protective shield of glass.”
Luke is still very much struggling to deal with the death of his wife, is existence is bleak and black. He’s depressed. This is Luke’s journey and it was so beautifully raw, it was about him finally seeing that he is worth living the life he has. Holland is a force, one that Luke was desperately needing. Holland is a breath of fresh air.
This is a must read for anyone who loves love. Its deep and dark at times, a book about second chances at life, learning to love and finally living again.  It truly is a  book to be read slowly and savored. Alyson Santos is amazingly talented. I cant wait to jump into Viper!

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