5 star

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

NSB Book #3
Alyson Santos
Viper is book three in a series but can be read as a standalone although it does follow the events in the second book, Tracing Holland.  I highly suggest you read them all. Wes was an ass when we first met him but as his story unfolded, you see why and have a deep understanding for who he is. Alyson Santos writing is so heartfelt and emotional. Viper is pained and passionate. This book will consume you even after you are finished. Viper  is beyond everything I expected.
“I need you to kick the world’s ass for me while I hide. That’s why I came to you. I need you to be my Viper.”
Wes Alton had it all. However, he let his temper and over protectiveness possibly ruin friendships, and even his career. Wes has so much to face, and a family that is nasty and harsh to deal with, and heartless women out to ruin him. Wes is a broken soul. I love the way this storyline unfolds, and the strength that comes out of true friendship. . Wes  has unexpectedly became my very favorite of all of the NSB boys. I adore him. Wes was beautifully imperfect.
I cant describe the emotions that Ms. Santos evokes in her writing. Its all consuming and passionate.

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