4 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

Escort by Skye Warren was a different kind of book for me. First off it was entirely in the Hero’s POV. This was ok, but I found that I never really connected with Bea, I didn’t really get a feel for her to be honest.

This was a short, sexy read. Hugo is an escort and he has been hired to “deflower” Bea. Both of these characters have traumatic pasts, and I was happy that they were able to overcome them and work out their HEA. I think I would have loved for this to have been a longer book. I think that Ms. Warren would have been able to expand more on their histories and how the overcome things.

Now, I knew going in that Hugo was an escort, but, I honestly didn’t have an issue with this one. There really isn’t any OW/OM drama, some outside influences but nothing that would make this a DNF. I think that this was a good premise and I enjoyed the read. Honestly, I think my biggest issues with it were that it was entirely from Hugo’s pov and that it wasn’t long enough LOL.

This was very well written, easy to read, and fast paced. I felt that the story flowed well, just a little to quick at the end. I am looking forward to reading about Harper though, she really peaked my interest.

Overall, I would recommend this one if you are looking for something just a little different. The scenes weren’t AS hot and descriptive as I would have figured they would be, but they were nothing to sneeze at 🙂 Good read!

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