4 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

Second Chance Charmer was my first time reading Brighton Walsh and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was a second chance romance between Willow Haven, and Finn Thomas.

Willow is doing everything that she can to make her father approve of her. She is going through the paces day to day until the day that the one man who she loved turns back up in town. This is also the man who left without a word and shattered her heart. Finn is back and when he sees Willow, he knows that he wants her back. He is there to set up the towns first bar, and to get back the one that got away.

I really liked this one. It took me a bit to actually get into the book and warm up to Willow, but as I read further, the way that she was makes perfect sense and I really found myself rooting for her and Finn to get their happily ever after. There was a great cast of characters in this book and I really look forward to reading their stories as well 🙂

Overall, this was a sweet and nice read for me. I felt that the story flowed very well as did the pacing. I think that the characters were well developed and the author kept my attention through the entire book. 4 stars 😉

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