5 star

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Bound By Love
Brie’s Submission Book 17
Red Phoenix
5 Stars!
This is the seventeenth book in the Brie’s Submission series and the continuation of Brie and Thane. You definitely need to read all the books prior in this series to truly love and appreciate the beautiful love story that is Thane and Brie. This was by far my favorite book in the entire series, I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime for the events that take place in this book. I love that Red Phoenix is so consistent with her writing and true to her characters, I grown to love her style of writing which is a bit formal at times.
With a new baby coming, Brie’s wish is the same as most first mothers a happy healthy baby free from the burdens of her past. The past always has a way of rearing its ugly head. Thane will stop at nothing to protect Brie, and with Rytsar beside him they are an unstoppable force. I was so happy for Rytsar to be there for the birth of his niece it was such as special time that I was so happy I got to be a part of. As always with all of Red Phoenix books you get it all, you get scorching hot scenes, true emotion, real love, and true friendships and quite bit of laughs. I really loved this book and highly recommend.

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