5 star

Reviewed by Jamie McBride

Crazy Sexy Love
KL Grayson
5 Stars!
I didn’t just like this book I loovvedd it! I am completely embarrassed to admit that this is the first cowboy-romance book I’ve ever read. I know, I know let the shaming begin. I even live in the South, I’m such a disgrace. But I’ve been to the rodeos, I’ve seen the bull riders. HELLO!! Where the hell are all those books. I think it could it be its own genre. Bull riders.
 Rhett Allen, champion bull rider and hot as brick shit house. After an unlucky ride on Lucifer sends him to the hospital and back to his home town of Heaven, he’s forced right back into the one place he never wanted to go back to and force to face the one person that broke his heart. Mo, Monroe Gallagher. Will coming face to face with Mo after all these years be just what Rhett needs to move on and finally find some peace in his life? or will she destroy him again?
Believe me you want to read this book, it was such a sweet emotional read that I just couldn’t put down. This book will have you swooning! KL Grayson did a fantastic job capturing a true romance! Thanks for a great read!

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