3 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

Crazy Sexy Love is the first book in the Dirty Dicks Series by author K.L. Grayson. I was really, really looking forward to this one just by the blurb. Hot, Bull Rider cowboy??? Sign me up please!

Now, with that said, I am having a hard time with writing this review. Let me start with saying that Ms. Grayson is a fantastic writer. I think that she is able to develop some great characters and a great story. It was easy to follow along and the pacing was great.

I am going to start with Monroe “Mo”, our Heroine of this story. Overall, I enjoyed her. I think that she was a great character. She loved her family, she was strong when she needed to be, and she sacrificed what she had to in order for Rhett to chase his dreams. Now, I felt that she was a little TOO apologetic. Yes, she did wrong, BUT when you step back and look at the whole picture, she was in the middle of grief, she was young, and didn’t know who to turn to or what was up. You do stupid stuff when you are at wits end. With that said, I felt that she was WAY to apologetic and was always trying to make up for everything. (Again this is my opinion on it)

Rhett… I wanted to Love this dirty talking cowboy. BADLY. However, I struggled with his character as this book went on. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to list spoilers but I felt that he was selfish. He tended to throw things in Mo’s face when he was angry that were not necessary to say and came off a bit childish. He only thought of how he was hurt, and how he was hurting, and what he wanted. He expected for Mo to make this grand gesture to prove her love to him. (I know I am going to get screamed at and I am in the minority, but this is how I feel)

There is a scene in this book that I felt was very unnecessary to experience as a reader. I won’t elaborate much, but I felt that it was not needed in the description that the author provided us with and honestly it really almost made me stop reading the book. I understand WHY the author put “some” of it in there. But I do NOT get why it was in the detail it was in. Because of that, I will be honest in saying that I am very hesitant to read another book by Ms. Grayson.

With all that said, to evoke such a feeling from me has to point to the outstanding writing that Ms. Grayson has. If she wasn’t able to invest me into the story, perhaps this would not have been such an issue for me. I pushed through and I was happy to see them get their happy ending.

Again, these are my feelings on it and I know that I am in the small percentage on this. I am sure that others will love this book and love Mo and Rhett. But for me, I am going to say that this was a bit of a miss for me.

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