5 star

Reviewed by Crys Unger

Fearless is the first book to the Rosewood Bay series by author Carly Phillips. I was very excited to read this one and Ms. Phillips did not disappoint.

Fearless is about Halley Ward and Kane Harmon. Halley is very reclusive and has been since she moved to Rosewood Bay. She was a damaged soul from a rough childhood and she just never seemed to have healed. Kane is a mechanic and is the one that is taking care of his father and sister and her son. He knows what he wants and what he wants is Halley.

I really loved Kane. I felt that he truly understood what Halley needed, and that he just guided her along and was there for her. He was a strong, wonderful character that was that quiet strong type. Halley was a great character too. She was very damaged, but I felt that her with Kane worked.

They had a great chemistry between them and I felt that it was believable. I will say that the book is very predictable, but honestly I wasn’t upset about it. I love reading Carly Phillips and every time I get my hands on one of her books, I am never disappointed.

This book was VERY low angst. It was a short, fast read, but flowed very well. There are some great characters in here and I can’t wait to read Pheobe’s story! Great book if you are looking for a sweet, low angst read.

4.5 stars!

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