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Cover Design: By Hang Le
I, Quinn King, do solemnly swear that I’m not the least bit attracted to my brother’s best friend, all around pain in my tail, and sexiest man alive, Tate Prescott… anymore.
He’s a big shot actor turned director out in L.A. and spends his days sweet-talking actresses right out of their Agent Provocateur Lingerie… or so the tabloids say.
Apparently he’s run out of playmates, because Tate’s returned home under the guise of giving back to our community by filming his next blockbuster here in Castle Beach. The salon that I own is busier than ever because of it, too.
What the women around here don’t realize is that Tate is the love them and leave them type. But I haven’t forgotten and I refuse to be the girl who wastes her time on him.
Then one day on my way to work, my car breaks down and who ends up rescuing me, but Tate himself. Before I can say thanks but no thanks, he’s demanding to be repaid with a date.
Then one date turns into two, then three and…I might be addicted to his kisses, his washboard abs, and… well, you get the picture.
Now everyone thinks we’re a couple.
Worse, I think we’re a couple.
In the end, though, Tate will go back to L.A., no matter what he promises… just like he did before, because he’s nothing but a big talking man.

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