4 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

This was a cute fun read from author Nana Malone. I really enjoy her writing style and her storytelling.

Sebastian and Penny have known each other since they were little but lost touch when they were 11. Sebastian is the prince and has fled the kingdom and Penny is sent to retrieve him as an undercover royal guard.

Now, this story does end in a cliff hanger but the next book is hopefully coming out soon. I don’t normally care for Cliffhangers, but honestly it left me craving book 2 and finding out what happens!

Overall, this was a cute quick read. I really liked Sebastian and Penny. I thought that they had great chemistry between them. Now, with that said, I will say that there was some gray area here in this relationship that didn’t sit well with me, but that is a personal preference honestly. I think that Ms. Malone kind of flirted with the line there a bit. (view spoiler)

With all that said, I am looking forward to book 2 Cheeky King. As usual with a Nana Malone book, it is well written, she has a great cast of characters and has a talent for drawing you in and leaving you wanting more

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