3 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

I would first like to say that author Len Webster is a fantastic writer and storyteller. That said, I just didn’t feel this book. I wasn’t able to connect with these characters at all. The characters are teenagers and in college. This normally isn’t a problem for me, but for some reason, I just never felt invested in them. I think some has to do with the chosen 3rd person writing style and some to do with the time jumps from past to present. I understand that this is a friends to lovers story, and that there is going to be some back story, However, when it causes you to REALLY focus to keep things straight and you are going back and forth with the time jumps, you lose some of the connectivity with the characters (at least I do). I am so busy trying to keep track of what happened when that I never fully get invested in the characters.

With that said, WOW can Len Webster write realistic teen angst. Holy crap! She was able to capture the reactions and the feelings and actions that we as teenagers were ALL guilty of. Excellent job!

Overall, this story just didn’t work for me personally as a reader. I don’t discourage anyone from reading it at all. Like I said this author is very talented, I just think that this series is not for me. This book does end on a cliffhanger, I will probably check out book 2 only because I can’t stand to not know what happens LOL, but I am not sure it will be a automatic grab for me to devour when it comes out. You never know though!

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